Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Day With A Cult, Part II – Signs and Sacraments

Leaving the station, I noticed than many of my "fellow travelers" were headed towards a different temple, known as MOA, the Midwestern God of consumerism:

Not to be confused with The Virgin Goddess MTM, whose temple is named "Macy's":

Notice the red pentagram. I think she's gonna make it after all!

As I walked, I began to discover all sorts of "holy" places, some of which were downright scary:

One such "cult" had already been discredited:

Before entering MY temple, I partook of a sacramental breakfast, with transubstantiation of my meal into the body and the blood of the Goodess Ka-feh-een:

I was ready for anything.

Tommorrow: The cult revealed!

By Professor Batty


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