Monday, April 05, 2010


"Go put the tools away..."
~my father

When I was a child, before I started going to school, I spent far, far too many hours watching daytime TV. One show in particular was titled Queen for a Day, wherein a quartet of hapless housewives would tell their sad stories and then the audience would vote on which one deserved to be "Queen for a day!" to receive prizes (mostly appliances to do more housework with) and a robe and crown. Lots of tears, and the next day there would be a new queen. In my unformed mind, I didn't think about my MOM winning the prize (she was usually pretty cheerful when I was very young) but I thought about MY winning the prize- although I knew I'd have to be "Prince for a day"- a day when a bunch of people would come and clean my room, give me toys, etc., which, now that I come to think of it was my childhood! Now that I'm an adult, I do clean from time to time (not enough, I know!) but my exclusive cleaning duty is the garage.

I know that Winter is finally over when I am able to clean the garage. All throughout those cold, dark months stuff accumulates on every shelf and table top. Various leftovers from numerous projects, which requires systematic arranging and storage. When it is -20° F it just won't happen. Saturday it was +65° F and sunny. Everything got put away, each tool to its proper drawer, wood scraps either stored neatly or discarded, the floor was swept and a lot of stuff was simply thrown out.

I do have a few of my father's old tools, and yes, they got put away:

It is still a bit early for most garden projects but when those begin I'll be back to square one, but for now, the garage is clean: CLEAN- FOR A DAY!

But no prizes, and no crown. (I do have an old bath robe, however).

By Professor Batty


Blogger Some Chilean Woman said...

No prizes, and no crown, but you have a canoe!!! I would love one...

Blogger Mary said...

I remember watching that show with my grandmother - we noticed that the housewife who cried the most usually won. Wow, that is one CLEAN garage - very impressive.

Blogger lab munkay said...

I wanna come mess you up bad.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

SWC ~ Actually two canoes, there is a little green one in front of the white one. Minnesota and canoes go together.

Mary ~ From the Wiki article:

Mark Evanier, veteran television writer, has dubbed it "one of the most ghastly shows ever produced" and further stated it was "tasteless, demeaning to women, demeaning to anyone who watched it, cheap, insulting and utterly degrading to the human spirit."

Lab Munkay ~ you and what army?

Blogger Rose said...

I'm in Lab Munkay's Army. You make the rest of us look really, really bad.
Question to self: why am I commenting on Batty's blog when I should be CLEANING MY ATTIC? Or planning evil, subversive plots with Lab Munkay? (LM: perhaps we can rent a truck, steal a bunch of stuff from the "art" show Batty went to, and in the dark of night unload it into his garage?)--I feel better already.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

Rose~ I'll up you even one better with Friday's post.

Blogger kindredband said...

Stephen, you are a miracle man (one peek in my basement will attest to this fact).

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