Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Them. Those mysterious, faceless, powers-that-be that mess up everybody's lives. I'm talking about those nefarious forces of darkness who take it upon themselves to mess with the time and the calendar. Daylight savings time is just plain annoying, and "they" keep changing it- it was year-round in the seventies, it is now longer than it was a few years ago, and depending on where exactly you live in your time zone, your "high noon" can be an hour's difference anyway!

Then there are the holiday shenanigans. The Fourth of July fireworks are on the Third in our town- and the celebration of Halloween can be as much as a week away from the actual date! There are movements afoot to start school before Labor Day (sacrilege! BTW, did you know that Finland, which gets the highest achievement scores has the fewest school days?) Easter? Who knows?

And don't get me started on President's day.

At least Thanksgiving is always the same.

By Professor Batty


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