Monday, May 03, 2010

Rite of Spring

Riverside Gardens, Sherburne County, Minnesota

Old Martha, who used to live next door, always told us to "Wait until the middle of May" before we started planting our garden. This year, we could have started in the middle of April, it has been just that nice. There is an old stump with a hollowed out center that sits on the corner of our lot; the Weaver trusts me with that much soil. We visited our local nursery, a mom and pop affair, and also went down the highway a few miles to the much larger nursery pictured above (that's only the back greenhouse!) I guess it is a little early, in a couple of weeks this place will be packed, there were only a handful of shoppers when we were there Sunday morning.

Martha's words still haunted us as we strolled past the hundreds of flats, but we did manage to buy a few things, including "Supertunias" for my stump. They should be in full bloom in a couple of weeks- I'll post pictures later (if we don't have a freak snowstorm in the next few days).

By Professor Batty


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