Monday, June 07, 2010

Siggi Ármann 1973 - 2010

Siggi Ármann on stage @ Iðno, Iceland Airwaves, October 21st, 2006

I saw this humble troubadour perform in 2006; his was the first act of the Kitchen Motors Night. He was one of many Icelandic singer-songwriters I have seen and heard perform, he had put out a couple of albums and there is another on the way. He was a man apart, and from the very first song that night I could hear that he had a different approach to music and performing. With him it was 100% personal, and I doubt that there was any difference if there had been an audience of 10 (when I saw him) or 1000 (when he opened for Sigur Rós on their 2002 tour.) His music was direct and honest, the way all music should be and is seldom attained. His former collaborator Johann Johannsson has published a fine remembrance on his site.

Here is a sample of Siggi's understated performance style.

By Professor Batty


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