Friday, August 06, 2010

Chinese Comment Spam Poetry

Death is sad, but even more sad to live unhappy.

Maturity is the ability to adapt to life in the vague.

When a person's heart can hold different conflicting things, this man started to become worthwhile.

Such a good blog, see later how to do ah!

I am so grateful to the dynamic of the blog!

Readiness is all...

Only shoes of people who know where one shoe pinches...

Has never been fame and fortune, the are from Shi Feixin.

Really touching article.

Attracted by your popularity.

Do not look for lessons from the failure of people, success is far away.

Suffering humiliation in the environment, the creation of our new life of self-reliance.

Have you eaten? ~ ~ ~ Still at work, hungry Oh

Unless a tree in spring bloom, otherwise the result is unlikely in the fall.

We can give each other the best gift is "really care."

~ Via Lab Munkay's Deep Thoughts of a Shallow Mind, Translations by Google Translate

By Professor Batty


Blogger heida said...

I'm in Hudson NY, playing at the Hudson harbor fest Saturday-night, down by the river-front. You should come, gig starts at 7 PM.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

Heiða ~ That's a thousand miles away! But I would if I could!

Anonymous Jon said...

I translated some of that, too. Did they just need a place to talk?