Thursday, September 16, 2010

Best in Show

Blogging is a funny thing. From its early days in the late nineties, to its explosive growth in 2004, to its current eclipse by Facebook and Twitter, it has always been viewed (and rightly so, in most cases) as suspect. Not really literature, not really journalism, home to dilettantes and egoists. I'm guilty of all these things (and more) but hopefully my enthusiasms resonate with a handful of readers. I can't even begin to express my gratitude for those bloggers who have expanded my horizons and touched me personally. There is a high burn out factor in these enterprises- the more personal and heartfelt the blog, the more draining it is.

When I was a teen I was in various rock bands, but was always a fan of jazz music and its legendary performers, many of whom who were still active at the time. As I grew older, I worked in the music biz in various roles, with musicians of various levels of ability. None of these groups were strictly "Jazz" bands, but all of the players knew of and studied jazz and blues music intensely. I also followed the "Jazz Scene", and usually had magazine subscriptions to Down Beat, High Fidelity and Stereo Review. We all knew who the true heavyweights in modern music were.

Last year I discovered (or, more accurately, I was discovered by) Chris Albertsson, distinguished music producer, critic, author, disc jockey and true son of Iceland. His blog Stomp-Off has consistently been a wealth of information- not just writing, but photos, artifacts and sound recordings of jazz music and musicians. Chris is sharing his most interesting life in jazz with us, it is a labor of love and an unparalleled resource for anyone interested in the development of America's most vital contribution to musical history. It is truly "The Best in Show" for this kind of blog.

Highest recommendation.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Chris Albertson said...

Thank you, I am truly overwhelmed.

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