Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Getting Your Feet Wet- Iceland Airwaves 2010- Wednesday

Start off the day with breakfast at Prikið with their "Rock & Bacon" with the ominously-named The Assassin of a Beautiful Brunette (10:00)

Spend your afternoon at the Vesturbæjarlaugin outdoor swimming pool (D.J. at 18:00- although its more fun to talk to the regulars in the hot pots).

Rökurró has an off-venue appearance at 12 Tonar (17:30) that should be sublime:

Nasa has an interesting slate of established Icelandic bands with Agent Fresco and Mammút topping the bill. If your taste is more toward Electronica, Faktorý (formerly Grand Rokk) will have a ton, with Johann Johannsson's Evil Madness at 23:30:

Don't burn out on the first day!

By Professor Batty


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