Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hugenots, Hypocrites, the Death of Cloud Computing, and Torture

The Huguenot, J.D. Linton painter, T. Brown, Engraver

Glenn Greenwald at The Salon opines on the 7 month torture of Bradley Manning, the army private who allegedly leaked the material about U.S. war atrocities in Iran and Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Julian Assange has spent a week in solitary confinement without even having been charged with a crime!

In related activities, Amazon caved to political rumbling from a demagogue US Senator over the Wikileaks affair thereby killing any serious consideration of "cloud computing" as a viable independent method of storing and retrieving information for any private, business or political group.

The French persecution of the Huguenots, for the group's refusal to accept Roman Catholic dogmas, seems to parallel the current situation. The use of coercion to enforce adherence to dogma, at any cost, in the face of increasing divergence of cant from reality, is the main dynamic of the hypocritical despot.

By Professor Batty


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