Friday, December 31, 2010

Year End Leftovers

The Professor, in his study, crafting yet another timeless blog-post...

   As another year at FITK draws to a close, I've got a few thoughts about this strange world known as the blogosphere. It's been full of change for me, as it always is, but this year saw the end or diminishing output from some of the people I've followed for a long time: Alda, Elisa, and Eva (all from Iceland), along with Lab Munkay and Rose (although I think they'll both be back) from the U.S. The big new development in blogging has been Tumblr, the characteristics of which were precisely defined by Annie Atkins:
"'Tumbling' is a bit like 'blogging', except instead of spending my days desperately trying to think up clever and/or funny things to write, I just quote other clever and/or funny people and post interesting pictures, trying to make myself appear funny, clever and interesting all in one go by default."
   I've found some great new blogs this year, most notably in design, but I've also found someextremely personal ones, and my interaction with some others (Niranjana, Some Chilean Woman, Heiða, Chris) has grown as well. There is also a "behind the scenes" facet of the blog- interactions which don't show up on FITK, but are carried out via email and even (gasp!) the telephone and (double gasp!) snail mail. I look forward to the lines of communication blurring, although I do refrain from Facebook and Twitter (I need to draw a few lines- I only have so many hours in the day!) I've taken off quite a bit of time from posting this year and I'll probably be posting even less next year, but I will be getting a little help every Friday from a kindred spirit (find out next week!) I have been encouraged by the kind words which many commenters have left here; it makes it all seem worthwhile when I can connect with a reader.

   This is my last post for 2010, but I'm looking forward to many more in the following years.

Image: Rembrandt in His Studio, by J. L. Gérôme, Engraved by P.A. Rajon, 1879

By Professor Batty


Anonymous Jon said...

Nothing's quite as sure as change, is it? Have a Happy!

Anonymous Niranjana said...

Oooh, you have an iPad!

Blogger Professor Batty said...

Jon ~ change is good- I think.

Niranjana ~ Come to think of it, most of Rembrandt's etching were about the same size as an iPad.

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