Thursday, January 06, 2011

Graffiti Bridge

Miklabraut, Reykjavík, 2000

Where anarchism, typography and art meet: graffiti. Considered a scourge by some, vaguely threatening to others, and a vibrant expression of culture by a few, graffiti is arguably the oldest art-form and one whose usage has exploded in the last 40 years. Setting aside true visionaries such as Banksy, I've sensed a certain uniformity creep in to the movement. Modern graffiti art is truly a world-wide phenomenon, bridging all cultures, with a striking similarity regardless of origin.

Apart from some juvenilia (which consisted of a crayon drawing done on a neighbor's stucco garage when I was about 4 years old), my artistic efforts have been limited to more socially acceptable modes. Lord knows that I have been tempted, upon occasion, to "liven up" a particularly drab section of modern architecture, but I haven't got the nerve.

I wonder what kind of person does have the nerve to be a graffiti artist?

By Professor Batty


Blogger Zelmarific said...

I - well - I, uh - hm. I take the fifth.

I can say that I also love graffiti!

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