Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Among My Souvenirs

Spring cleaning extends to my junk drawers as well. This souvenir of Iceland has been sliding around in my desk for several years now. A cloisonné rune on a leather strap (probably made in Hong Kong) I bought in Reykjavík because I liked the shop-keeper's no-nonsense spiel about some pretty flaky spiritual beliefs.

The rune on the charm is Kaupaloki- trade-clincher- a rune of practicality and private entrepreneuring. "Kaupaloki can unfold a series of appropriate coincidences that will bring you wealth and make your work more fun than you ever dreamed possible..."

The shop-keeper should have kept this rune. In the 2008 collapse and the subsequent protests, she lost her shop and ultimately ended up moving to Denmark. I doubt if she remembers me, but I still follow her blog, which is a lot easier now that Google translate works in Icelandic (sort of.) She still has plenty to say, but is more down to earth - with thoughtful and sometimes angry pieces on politics, gender, and many other problems that vex the human spirit. I don't get it all, but I get enough to make it worthwhile.

Nornabúðin is long gone, but I've still got the rune, I've still got my health and my family- which is all the wealth anyone needs.

By Professor Batty


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