Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Perfect Day

Saint Ives, 1995

The family vacation in England was supposed to be bit of a respite from the oppressive Midwestern summer heat. Instead, record heat greeted us but when we finally made it to the Cornwall coast the ocean was a perfect remedy. We walked through the town, past postage stamp-sized gardens (each with its own St.Ives cat), along the seaman's graveyard, then down to the beach where the boys took to the icy water with belly boards. They finally began to really enjoy the trip (it had been a little touch and go for a while.) That evening found us in a little Italian restaurant that was heavenly- even our youngest realized that the food was exceptional. The seagulls' screams echoing in the narrow streets outside didn't bother us, it was a perfect day.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Some Chilean Woman said...

That does sound like a perfect day! Now I want Italian...

Blogger Heiða said...

ooo, I just really want to be on vacation with my familiy, but that will happen this summer!

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