Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Best Site on the Internet

I posted about Rookie when it started but now, three months on, it appears that Tavi Gevinson and her gang of contributors have created what may well be the best site on the internet:

It claims to be a site for teen-age girls, but the caliber of the writing and graphics is much higher than the usual adolescent publications, even better than most mainstream media. The layout is a great example of how a website should work, with minimal (and appropriate) ads and a lively sense of design which complements the articles and graphics. The photo galleries (not flash-based) have the best functionality of any I've used.

Just a few of the excellent articles published recently:

Style=Substance, Jenny's frank look at women of color and the role of style in lives spent under duress.

Interview with Joss Whedon, Tavi's absolutely first-class interview, much more sophisticated than the usual celebrity puff-pieces.

Getting Over Girl-Hate, Tavi again, heartfelt without being sappy.

Good Day Sunshine
, Erica's brilliant photo-shoot, with all her own clothes!

Joe's interview with author Blake Nelson...

Tavi's photo editing guide...

If you're looking for something worthwhile to browse, click on the "everything" link at the top of the Rookie home page- they publish 3 posts a day, five days week so there is plenty to look at. Although the tone is light, it is never condescending or juvenile. The rookie gang covers so much stuff- from fashion to psychology to humor to sexuality- that the girls who read it are going to enter adulthood a step ahead.

By Professor Batty


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