Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Reading - I

In my part of the world summer "officially" starts on Memorial day. A day which, in Minnesota, is often pretty cold and miserable. Especially if one is camping or at a lake cabin. Be that as it may, the coming of summer offers the prospect of languid days, long sunsets and warm nights. Perfect for curling up with "summer reading." Whatever that means. Light fiction to match light clothes? Breezy escapism to help escape the heat? With the rise of electronic books and the deluge of other e-media, one's options are broader than ever. After burning out on Faroese authors last winter I'm on a hiatus from weighty novels. I will, however, still be checking my internet favorites— short form writing that is a perfect companion for one's morning coffee or a no-calorie bedtime "snack." So here are four of my favorites, all of which brighten my world:

First up is I Heart Reykjavík, a one person guide to Reykjavík and its surrounding areas, by "Auður". Much more informative than the usual travel blog or guide-book fare, Auður's intimate approach (each post is about her personal experience) coupled with occasional glimpses of her own life makes this a must for anyone interested in a trip to Iceland. Her latest post, about a fascinating museum that I'd never heard of, is a good example of her insider information.

Auður is not just another enthusiastic blogger- she has years of experience in the travel industry and possesses an engaging writing style as well.

New material about twice a week.

Cafe Selavy bills itself as "An eclectic reflection about life in the present. Photography. Brief writings."

Created by a somewhat enigmatic professional photographer, this definitely NSFW site contains consistently excellent writing about the personal conflicts of an artist's life.

The pictures of masked models (often wearing little else) are pretty good as well.

Daily posts, with several years of writing and photography to peruse.

The Kasper Stromman Design Blog is, without a doubt, the most hilarious "Design" site in the history of the internet.

This Finnish designer is unafraid to poke fun at Finland, Finnish design ("without the birch veneer bits") and himself.

Wildly eclectic, sometimes just plain silly, Kasper's view of the world of design is definitely off-kilter .

Published several times a week.

A more serious site is wdvalgardson's kaffihus. Its author, "Bill" Valgardson is a professional writer and published author who specializes in the history of Icelandic immigrants in Canada.

This blog may be a bit esoteric for many readers, but the excellence of the writing and the humanity of the stories transcends genre.

New posts about twice a week.

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