Monday, July 16, 2012

Playing Doctor

When I recently ran across this relic from a simpler time it made me smile. I remember playing with one of these as a child; it wasn't mine but I remember thinking that it was pretty cool—even if it didn't have anything in it that could shoot projectiles. I had some vague idea of what "playing doctor" really meant. I had to see for myself what was the deal with naked girls.

Even in the most innocent use of these play sets, there was a potential for sadism. For reasons unknown it felt good to give someone a shot, to hurt them and, just as importantly, to have power over your "patient." When the set ran out of candy pills, however, playtime was over. Some of us would get into real pills when we were much older, with a few of us even "graduating" to hypodermics.

Eventually, and without the help of of a "little country doctor" kit, I finally did manage to learn what was the deal with naked girls.

By Professor Batty


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