Monday, December 17, 2012

Mondays in Iceland - #31

No Photos Please!

U.S.Embassy, Reykjavík, October, 2012

Iceland is a photographers dream— majestic scenery, colorful cities, and an abundance of unusual buildings in the Capitol. But the one place you must not photograph is the U.S. Embassy. I was out on a fine Sunday in October taking pictures in the dramatic afternoon sunlight. When I walked by I took another shot. A guard, a young Icelandic man came out and nicely asked if I would delete the picture. "They are very strict about this in the Embassy."

I said sure, no problem, and deleted the image for him. We got to talking, wanted to know where I was from and why I was interested in Iceland. The talk soon turned to Halldór Laxness, of course. We said good bye and I went on my way. Looking through my files tonight, I found that I had not deleted all the image files of the Embassy. I can understand the need for security, although if someone really wanted a picture of the embassy, they could just do a Google Image Search.

And despite what the fictional Ambassador in my serial may have done, the real U.S. Ambassador is really a very cool guy.

By Professor Batty


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