Saturday, March 16, 2013


As the 737 touched down at the Sea-Tac airport, Sean realized that it had been two months to the day since he had left. He was returning to Seattle with only a scar and a carry-on suitcase to show for the experience. Molly’s on-line breakup wasn’t unexpected, but it didn’t hurt any less than a face to face would have.

My break-ups are always the same,” thought Sean, “Anger, confusion, feelings of failure, doubts about self-worth.” He was still troubled by his ordeal.

The one big difference between this time and the others was that Sean knew exactly why he felt so bad: he really deserved to be dumped. Although Molly had never discovered his tryst with Þora, Sean could empathize with her desire to distance herself from the ugliness of his political espionage. It was, as Molly had written, the Sean returning to Seattle was a different person from the one who left. He felt broken and unlovable.

When he walked out of the secure area, Sean saw Mrs. Robinson was waiting by the exit doors.  Smiling, she walked up to him. He could see that she had tears in her eyes.

“Welcome back Sean,” she said softly while embracing him timidly. Except for a handshake, Sean had never touched her before. It was his turn to tear up now; the emails and Skypes they had exchanged while he was recovering in DC had deepened his relationship with her. Although he sensed it before, when he held her in his arms he  realized how much she had felt the same way.

“Mrs. Robinson, I… I can’t thank you enough,” stammered Sean. She looked at him closely, but with a different kind of smile.

As she continued to hold him, her embrace became more than friendly. Then she kissed him.

“Mrs. Robinson, I think you are trying to seduce me.”

“Why, yes I am.”

“What about Mr. Robinson?”

“Sean, there never has been a Mr. Robinson. He was a fiction I employed for professional purposes. Please, call me Mary.”

In that moment, Sean felt his life-path taking an irrevocable turn. He had always been attracted her—right from their first meeting in the Pub a year ago.  He had always known that she was the brains behind ADR. Her handling of the Billy case had been brilliant—she even managed to get the Senator to pay for Sean’s hospitalization!  Her poise under pressure was astounding, and she was always a few steps ahead of everyone else on the team.  Sean finally managed to gather his wits enough to be able to form a coherent sentence:

“Since the position of Mr. Robinson is open, Mary, I’d like to apply for the job.”

“Let’s conduct an in-depth interview at my place,” Mary said. After kissing him again, she whispered: “Welcome home, your things are already there.”



By Professor Batty