Monday, March 25, 2013

Who is on the Blog Support Team?

Image: Auður Ösp

Note: This post is not a solicitation.

Have you ever supported a favorite blog, and by support I mean SENDING THEM MONEY? Obviously, (unless you are extravagantly wealthy) sending money to the thousands of blogs that you might visit over the year would be Sisyphean and would only accomplish the feat of making you into a prime target for an infinity of appeals. That said, however, some sites deserve contributions. There are different methods: through “click through” links (like buying a camera using a link from a photo site), hosting a blogger in person, or sending a direct payment or gift. Although I’m not a wealthy person I have done it now and again. It averages out to about two or three times a year.

Anyone who has maintained a blog knows all too well how it can be a thankless occupation. Some blogs, such as this one, are used as an expressive outlet—an “artist’s sketchbook/writer's notebook” as it were. No real cash flow. Some sites are regular commercial enterprises. Others, such as I Heart Reykjavík referred to in the photo above, have elements of both. In this particular case the production quality and content are on a very high level, all the more amazing when it is mostly done by one person, from her couch, and with very limited resources. It costs real money to produce and maintain this kind of site. Auður is the kind of person who makes a difference. She has given and given, “paying it forward” for years, through this site and other means. She is a model for what the internet does best. In light of all that, I have no problem in aiding her efforts.

As I mentioned above, this is not a solicitation, I’m just using that site as a good example. You probably have favorites of your own, in some field which you are interested in. If they could use it, give them some support. If you receive value from the sites you visit, pay it back. It’s only fair.

You are on the blog support team.

By Professor Batty


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