Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Kim's Rhinoceros


   "Which animal would you like to see the most?"

   "That would be you, Kim."

The weaver and I had an invite to get a behind-the-scenes tour of the zoo here, a dear friend of mine is a zookeeper there. Upon hearing my corny remark, she did a little double-take, and then flashed that laughing smile for an instant, that smile I remembered so well from the days we worked together. We went with her and met a pair of friendly elephants, the worlds' fourth oldest hippopotamus, a trio of frisky giraffes and a pair of curious zebras. All the animals (except the cranky hippo) seemed to love her. Then she called out "Krueger, Krueger, come here boy..." A 5000 pound white rhinoceros came trotting up, like an obedient dog. She stroked his snout, talked softly to him, and fed apples into his soft, gaping maw. I fed him too, his wary brown eye giving me a once over before accepting my offerings. (Please note: we had a MASSIVE steel fence separating us.)

A rhino is a dangerous wild animal, with a reputation of having a bad temper. But this one had a gentler side, an obvious intelligence and a friend named Kim.

Kim's Rhino
K. Kessler

Summer Re-run Series

First posted March 29, 2005

By Professor Batty


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