Monday, July 01, 2013


I recently learned that the venue in Reykjavík (where I took the images below) will be razed in August for yet another hotel. Grrrrr. It seems as if many of the places I've enjoyed "discovering" in Reykjavík over the last 13 years are vanishing, including Sirkus, NASA, Hemmi og Valdi and now Faktorý.  This club (as well as its previous incarnation Grand Rókk), was a main venue of the Iceland Airwaves music festival; the sometimes sweltering confines of the intimate second floor room was perfect for showcasing new acts.

Here are a few images of memorable shows I attended in the now soon-to-be-history venue:

Retro Stefson, 2006 (debut)

Vicky, 2009

Sprengjuhöllin Panorama
Sprengjuhöllin, (debut), 2006

Samaris, 2012

Útidúr, 2009 (debut)

Pascal Pinon, 2009 (debut)

By Professor Batty


Blogger Mary said...

Crummy news (to me) that Faktory is closing and NASA has closed - many vivid memories at both from Iceland Airwaves 2010.

Faktory was where I ran into Runar Magnusson and his twin brother - whom I had met a year earlier at the radio station where I work in California. That I went to Iceland, which seems like the end of the earth in ways, then that I ran into someone I knew only two hours after reaching Reykjavik was very amusing to my friends and family.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

It was definitely an important venue for the Icelandic music scene.

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