Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sound Bites from the Rock

   Auður Ösp's I Heart Reykjavík blog has always been my go-to source whenever I needed a quick Icelandic "fix", she posts about twice a week on a variety of topics: dozens of informative articles on Icelandic travel, food and culture, all presented with a personal touch. Lately she has been doing sound clips of Icelandic words and phrases. Her crisp enunciation and simple explanations makes it easy to understand the quirks of the often baffling Icelandic language.  More than just a dry lesson,  Auður lets her personality shine through–the sound of her musical voice is always a day brightener for me. I wish these clips existed ten years ago when I started my infatuation with Iceland! Do give it a look and a listen, the blog is linked above, here is the link to her home page.

By Professor Batty


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