Friday, November 08, 2013

Colorado Springs - Wednesday

Thanks to the hour gained going to Mountain Time, we pulled into Colorado Springs early enough to see the downtown area in daylight. We had been to Colorado Springs several times before, when our eldest was a student at Colorado College. Like most cities, there was ample evidence of hard times as shown in the number of vacant shops. There has always been a fair number of homeless people in the city; it seemed as if there were twice as many as I remember from the last time I was here, in 2001. There were certainly more talent-less buskers. One had a cardboard sign that said “Help m while I figure out how to become a rock star.” The dining district was flourishing, however, and we had our choice of a score of fine restaurants within a few blocks of our hotel.
Dinner was at this very good pizza place—some real food for the first time in three days:

Il Vincio

The Antlers Hilton is the biggest hotel downtown and the only one with convention facilities, the Weaver was attending a conference with a foundation she does volunteer work for. While she “worked” I would play.

By Professor Batty


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