Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Good Food and Fine Dining in Colorado Springs

Jack Quinn's Pub, Colorado Springs

   One thing you can almost count on in a city of any decent size is the existence of an Irish pub. I stopped in here mid-afternoon, there was a real Irish bartender serving up double chocolate stout and a delectable cheese tray. The decor had been given a lot of thought, a very comfortable place to while away a few hours. Even the Celtic music was tolerable.

Warehouse Restaurant, Colorado Springs

This trompe-l'oeil mural (it stretches around the building) caught my eye. Populated with images of tits owner, I found this self-aggrandizing so audacious that I simply had to try it.

Wapiti at Warehouse
Wow. Peppered Wapiti Tenderloin with Mountain Mushrooms. Elk meat, marinated in a dark beer, topped with lingonberries and brandied mushrooms. With locally grown roasted vegetables, mushroom risotto, OMG, OMG. I'm definitely not in Kansas anymore.

The Olive Branch, Colorado Springs

The next night we had a nice mini family reunion with the Weaver's aunt and cousin, a friendly place without pretense. NOT the Olive Garden!

Paris Crepe

Sunday morning found us eating crepes in the warm sunshine across from Acacia Park. I managed to get some without peppers (although the chef raised an eyebrow), everything here seems to be steeped in them. More than I usually eat in the morning, but we had a long way to go before dinner.

By Professor Batty


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