Monday, November 18, 2013


   Thirty-five years ago it was an after-gig hangout. Always there, always open. Sliders, made to order, hot and tasty. Many of the locations are still on the same sites the old band members used to frequent. I was in this neighborhood to catch a trio playing in a pub across the street. I was early and already a little sleepy (I just can't burn the midnight oil the way I used to) and needed a little coffee. Not really hungry, but when I went in I found the scent of those cute little burgers to be strangely irresistible.

   Two sliders and coffee. An older (older than me!) gentleman in the corner was playing a portable radio tuned to Arne Fogel's "Bing Shift", a radio show devoted to the recordings of Bing Crosby; a fitting soundtrack to my nostalgic repast.

By Professor Batty


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