Sunday, June 01, 2014


   Any excuse for a party.

   This blog is 'officially' ten years old today (actually it started in April, 2004, but those early experiments have long been deleted) with over two thousand original posts by yours truly along with dozens of contributions by others as well as hundreds of reposts. As my late mother used to say to me: "What's the matter with you?" I had no answer then, nor will I offer one now.

   I won't guarantee another ten years, but I will do all I can to finish the serial fiction, and in the mean time, who knows?  Revisiting the neglected Flippist Archives for sure.  Another visit to Iceland (in the summer of 2015) is looking likely. I will definitely be in the Mt. Horeb area this fall, and a jaunt to the BWCAW isn't out of the question for this summer, either.

   Thanks for the support! Everyone who has contributed, commented and even visited Flippist World Headquarters (tours available!) has expanded my world immeasurably. I've enjoyed reading all the books published by the bloggers I have been following: Annie Atkins' To the Left of the Midwest, Maria Alva Roff's 88, Shoshanah's (Ex)hausted, and several titles by Alda Sigmondsdóttir. Look for a review of her novel Unraveled Wednesday.

   And finally, of course, here's a big 'takk' to Auður. Without her initial (and continuing) inspiration there would have never been a Flippism is the Key. 

By Professor Batty


Blogger Shoshanah Lee said...

I'm glad you've stuck with it. Congratulations on a full decade. Grattis!

Blogger Jono said...

You are amazing if not persistent! Congratulations and thanks for so many things.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

If I did this for thirty years, would I then be able to retire?

Blogger Shoshanah Lee said...

No. ;)

Blogger Mary said...

I know that it's time consuming to do a blog and ten years is a long commitment! Congratulations and thanks for the good reads!

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