Thursday, May 21, 2015

High School Confidential - Conclusion

   What really shocked the town and the school is the fact that the key & the library situations involved not hoods, but a lot of H—'s finest, & kids of prominent people. The include the newspaper editor's son (me), the homecoming queen, a banker’s son, a prominent insurance man’s son, a real estate man’s son, a dentist’s son, a school board member’s nephew, the deputy sheriff’s brother, a veterinarian’s son, & the boy who is the National Merit Scholar won a $1,500 a year scholarship for 4 years. Perhaps they will now understand that there is a generation gap.

   Anyway, we all have a $50 fine, & 1 months strict probation. After that we are free except that if we get into trouble during the next year it is curtains. Luckily, not everything came out in court, which would be really wild. As you may suspect, I am holding things back, things that would make the hair fall out of your ass.

   I will enclose the latest Shaft, which is most likely the last, because of recent events. If you publish any more, please send.


Note: This was the last communication I received from G—. 
I did see a picture of him in the newspaper a few years later, however. 
He was burning his draft card.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Jono said...

Leave us hanging and waiting until the next installment. You're a cruel one, Batty. :) Since I don't have the third ring (wait! Is there one?)I guess I'll have to be patient with the rest of the mortals.

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