Wednesday, May 20, 2015

High School Confidential - Continued

   A group of us, excluding most of the lighting crew, decided to hide the entire library in the maintenance tunnels under the school. The idea was originally well planned & would have occurred at the end of the year. I am sure now that none of us would be in trouble if we had followed the original plan. Instead, the originator of this plan came bombing in to my house the Thursday before Easter & said he would get some guys together Easter night and do it. I snuck out of the house on schedule but they forgot to pick me up, so I walked to the school to see if we were going ahead with it, which is about the dumbest thing I ever did. They let me in a back door & I about crapped to find out that they had girls in there.

   Anyway we got about 12 hundred books down in the tunnel before we ran out of time. So a couple of birdbrains decided to fuck-up the rest, they threw books all over and dumped out the entire card catalog. Then we hauled ass out of there, at about midnight, & just in time too, because the cops made a routine check about 20 seconds later. Since the operation was pulled off at the wrong time & without preparation it didn’t take long for the cops to finger someone, who sang & sang. Now the two original key people are suspended for two weeks, 7 more have detention, and the 13 in the library incident have been to court and have 1 years probation. Except me & one other guy, who are 18 & got 30 days in jail, suspended provided we follow the probation rules of the others, which were set down by an old coot who sits watching TV wearing a cowboy hat & huddled up in a buffalo robe and is hated by about everyone under 65.

Conclusion tomorrow…

By Professor Batty


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