Friday, June 26, 2015

Power Play

The next day found Sean sitting in a room full of lawyers, negotiating paternity and child support issues for his son, Vilhjálmur. Meanwhile, Mary was in an SUV, being driven to Snæfellsnes by Þora’s uncle Hilmar.

“The legendary center of cosmic energy,” said Mary, as the dormant, ice-capped  volcano came into view. “I can feel something already.”

“Já, it is one of the seven portals,” said Hilmar, “We’ll be there soon enough, are you up to it? Many disbelievers and scoffers have been humbled in its presence. Is it all right with your man that you should be out here?”

“Sean understands,” Mary said. “He is doing what needs to be done, as I am also doing what needs to be done. Tell me about your organization, Hilmar.”

“We are a group of like-minded souls, people who share a respect for the old ways. There are several hundred of us in Iceland. There has been an interest shown by numerous groups outside of Iceland as well. We even have an ‘app’ now.”

“What kinds of things do you have on your app?” asked Mary.

“Affirmations, essays on the old religion,  a way to keep in touch without having to use the Facebook. We prefer to keep control of the app to ourselves. How about you? Do you have an internet presence?”

 Outside of my naked pictures, no. Did you see them?” Hilmar shook his head and then Mary said: “Could you use some spells, in your app? Real spells that have power?”

“Do you think that would be wise? There is no end to the amount of mischief that people manage to get themselves into.”

“That is the chance we must take. I have been given some powers, but for the change to happen there needs to be many more of us—one solitary person is only a shot away from oblivion.”

“Are there forces that would do that to you?”

“Yes, and they are highly organized. That was what Billy was on the verge of uncovering when he died. They will stop short of nothing to retain their power,” Mary paused, “One of the reasons we’re here in Iceland is to escape from their attacks. They tried to kill Sean’s aunt. They missed that time but there have been others who I could not save.”

As the glacier-topped peak grew closer, and Hilmar turned onto the road which led up to the peak.

“This will take us about a third of the way,” said Hilmar, “We’ll need to walk the rest.”

“I’m so charged I think I could fly the rest of the way,” Mary said, with a fiercely intent look upon her face, “If I seem to lose consciousness, just let me be. I may be ‘out’ for a while.”

Hilmar parked the car at the end of the road and they stepped out into the cold air. The sky was cloudy, but not threatening. Mary stepped away from the vehicle and stood still.

“Everything OK?” asked Hilmar.

“It’s… it’s… fantastic. Lead on.”

The couple trudged up, Hilmar respecting Mary’s ‘condition’ by refraining from any unnecessary conversation. Only when they reached the glacier did Hilmar speak, and then to point out hazards. After a few minutes Mary spoke:

“It’s very close.” she said as she moved back and forth on the ice. Hilmar kept a close eye on her movements. They were in a relatively flat area, free of crevasses, but Hilmar knew there was always the possibility of a mishap.

“Here,” Mary said, as she stood still, her arms crossed over her chest.

Hilmar watched as she closed her eyes and began to breathe deeply.

“The power! The power!” Mary suddenly shouted. Hilmar became concerned when Mary began to shake. He considered trying to touch her but he remembered what she had told him about interfering. As he watched, it seemed as if a mist was forming around her.

And then she was gone.

“Mary!” Hilmar cried. “Mary!”


By Professor Batty