Monday, June 01, 2015

Summer Linkage

Detail of "Giant Killer Chicken" by Shoshanah Mahron

Being a collection of my favorite things…

Dr. B’s Bizarre History Blog is a ‘link-dump’ site, definitely on the strange side—not the usual fare for this kind of endeavor. Hours of time-wasters… there are five years of daily list links, as well as other special features.

Erik Kwakkel’s tumblr contains a different sort of bizarre history. Erik is a medievalist, his site has fabulous pictures of medieval books and related items. I lived with a medievalist when I was younger, she would love this site.

Aparna Nacherla is a stand-up comedian whose Twitter account is consistently amusing.

The Daily Dot is a big commercial site, its content overlaps with some of the ‘pop’ sites, but it does have a fair amount of unique features.

Shoshanah Marohn has long been a link here, her stream-of-consciousness ramblings have entertained and educated me for many years. Her books occupy a prominent place on my bookshelves. She is also a subversive painter, turning the art world on its collective head, plowing ahead where no MFA dares to follow. From time to time she allows the outside world to purchase one of these masterpieces (disclosure: I have one on the wall of Flippist World Headquarters). This week she has two up for auction! I’ve seen one of them in person and it would be a magnificent addition to any decor, as well as an affirmation of your good taste. The other painting is even more ‘high concept’. Be sure to read the description.

UPDATE: You missed your chance for the Giant Killer Chicken painting. It's mine, all mine, bwahahaha!

By Professor Batty


Blogger Jono said...

The chicken is very tempting, but not sure where
I'd hang it.

Blogger Shoshanah Lee Marohn said...

Thank you so much for sharing my giant chicken! I just re entered the shipping, and it's cheaper than it was. Those other links are definitely things I will check out soon!

Jono, you can hang the chicken portrait in your henhouse. ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, just a quick question: do you still see the feral cats of the Rum River? Was there really over 25? Now a days there are under 10.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

I go by the colony from time to time, someone is still feeding them, but I never see any. There were well over twenty-five twelve years ago.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering. I was researching the cats the other day and your blog came up. It was interesting to see pics and hear the stories from awhile ago. Wow that's a lot. When I started helping in the feeding over a year ago, there were between 9-16 that would show up and now 2-7.

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