Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Review

Professor Batty colors inside Shoshanah's lines

Coloring Inside the Dream
Coloring pages and Haiku
written and illustrated by
Shoshanah Lee Marohn

   My blog-pal Shoshanah has outdone herself this time. In the last couple of years she has published several books. Each one is, dare I say, somewhat peculiar. The latest book is, by far, the strangest.  A somewhat sad story of a faded friendship is told in epigrammatic Haikus, accompanied with line drawings of decrepit landscapes. I found it to be delightful, albeit in a melancholy way. It is aimed at adults although any precocious child should be able to get a lot out of it. Best of all, you can color the illustrations! My highest recommendation. Shoshanah's book is on sale now. Buy two (so you can keep one uncolored.) A perfect gift for that "weird" niece or nephew.

   Thanksgivings are the order of the day, not just for the timely arrival of this book, but for all those who have created and interacted with me here as well as with their own  internet based creations. Blogs get a bad rap these days, but the best of them still deliver the same human interaction which made them such a craze a decade (or more) ago. I'm grateful for all of those who have given of their time and intelligence to make the world a better place: the konur, the Laxness "scholars", as well as all of the others I've been fortunate to have interacted with in the 12+ years of FITK. I’ve had a chance to meet many of them in person; I can't begin to express how much those meetings have meant to me. Just as welcome are those who leave the occasional comment, even the regular "lurkers" are OK.  All of you have "colored my dreams". Thanks again.

Of course the biggest thank you goes out to the Weaver, who has indulged my blogging enthusiasms with grace and humor (although she still doesn't read it!)

By Professor Batty


Blogger Mary said...

I am grateful for our interactions, too - hope that we meet in person some day, maybe in Iceland?

Blogger Professor Batty said...

That would be fun, maybe in CA?

It is really nice to have a reader who knows about Icelandic music, I feel kind of lonely sometimes when writing about it. In that vein, Jófríður says a new Pascal Pinon album is coming.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

More from Jófríður:

Blogger Shoshanah Marohn said...

Thanks so much. I love how you colored the watch. I'm really, really glad you like the latest book. You seem to have gotten out of it exactly what I intended.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

SLM ~ I love the Wanda Font on the cover!

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