Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Cleese on Creativity

There are probably more than thirty interviews on YouTube with John Cleese, most taken from his recent book tour promoting "So, Anyway… ", an autobiography of his life before and after Monty Python (you can be sure there will be a second volume concerning his life in Python.) I read it, and while it is certainly serviceable and even hilarious at times, it doesn't go too deeply into Mr. Cleese's creative processes. In this interview, and unlike most of the others, Cleese expounds at great length on creativity. The interviewer is a bit of a wiseguy and his questions aren't always very good, but it doesn't matter. At the age of 76, Cleese's mind is still sharp; if he does hesitate a bit in his delivery it is because he is looking for the precisely right word.

Brilliant stuff.

By Professor Batty


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