Friday, April 29, 2016

Unreal Estate

2544 West lake of the Isles Parkway, via Zillow

Browsing high-end real estate site has become my newest bad habit. Once you go above the million-dollar mark things get pretty bizarre. The prairie-school style home above is a bargain at $1.7 mill. The taxes on this little 4 bedroom shack works out to a very reasonable $800. Per week. It isn't the most expensive house on the market in Minneapolis. That honor goes to this little "fixer-upper":

1712 Mount Curve Avenue, via Zillow

Seven bedrooms, 12,000 square feet, it has recently had its price lowered by $200,000—now it's listed at a whisker under $3,000,000. The taxes are also quite modest: only $167. Per day. I might have to save up for that one. Maybe I could live in the two-bedroom carriage house apartment (over the four-car garage, which includes a basement gym, a workshop and a tunnel) and rent out the main house.

Or maybe I should pull up stakes and head to Sweden:

Rural Sweden, via Donald Bixler, 1980

No idea on the pricing and taxes on this one, I might have to get a goat for the roof.

Nothing tops this for insanity, however.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Shoshanah Lee Marohn said...

I have neighbors who have asked for a million dollars for their places, but no takers. Little Norway was for sale for a million, but then they sent the main building back to Norway! Now I don't know what they want for it.

A million dollars can buy you a nice double wide trailer in California.

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