Monday, September 12, 2016

Mondays in Iceland - #76

Reykjavík Nights—as captured in these images from ten years ago:

Grand Rokk, 18 October, 2006

Grand Rokk (later named Faktorý) was a great bar in downtown Reykjavík. I saw many great acts there, it had a special atmosphere: in the second floor performance venue, in the main floor dive-bar, as well as in the outdoor seating. I sorely missed it on my last trip—is has been torn down to make way for another tourist hotel.

Gaukurínn, 19 October, 2006

Gaukur Á Stöng, the formal name of Gaukurínn, is the place I saw my first music in Iceland. I stopped in mid-week in March of 2000 and saw a cover band playing AC-DC. In 2004 I saw the formidable Mezzoforte, a fusion band that featured the amazing Gulli Briem playing to a crowd of sophisticates. When I took the above picture, I was crammed in like a sardine to see some Airwaves bands, it was actually dangerous.

Leikhúskjallarinn, 21 October, 2006

The last two images feature Trost, a German Punk Diva, at about 2 A.M. in the basement of the National Theatre. She was cavorting on top of 4 inch heels while consuming about 2 litres of beer. Although smoking was still allowed in the venues then, she didn't need a cigarette to be "lit-up". She held the audiences attention, if only to see if she could remain standing. Everyone was spellbound:

Leikhúskjallarinn, 21 October, 2006

By Professor Batty


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