Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Cry for Help

I received a most disturbing post card the other day:

An anonymous cry for help, from a place that was evidently the beach head for the current troll invasion that has besieged our country:

It's too late for the writer of this card, but not for the rest of the country.


By Professor Batty


Anonymous Shoshanah said...

I wonder who sent it? The poor, ignorant soul. If only someone had warned them of the dangers of trolls! You're doing a great service, Professor Batty.

Everyone reading this, please consider making a donation to the National Center for Troll Danger Awareness.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

I might have to go to Mount Horeb on a rescue mission…

Blogger Jono said...

Mount Horeb gave it away. We really need to help those people down there.

Blogger oroboros said...

Ent power?

Anonymous Shoshanah said...

If only the ents lived closer!

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