Thursday, March 02, 2017

Coachella Valley Preserve

One problem the casual tourist may encounter when undertaking a nature hike is the sense of being overwhelmed. Many parks take hours to reach, have strenuous trails requiring expedition-level planning, and the over-all experience can leave the couch potato-turned-trekker thoroughly exhausted.

Not so with the Coachella Valley Preserve, a free-admission wilderness located about 15 minutes north of La Quinta, California. There are several trails that are easily done, many of which lead to picturesque palm oases:

Their appearance reminds me of groups of grassy-skirted dancers:

While their shade offers a welcome respite from the desert sun:

The shaggy trunks of these “wild” specimens are a marked contrast to the severely trimmed palms of the city:

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By Professor Batty


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