Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Karen’s Passion

I’ve mentioned Karen Newton’s most excellent I Could Go On and On blog here in the past. In addition to that almost-daily output, Karen also writes for Richmond Virginia’s Style Weekly as well as other publications, mostly as an Arts/Food critic. Irrepressible and enthusiastic, Karen loves her city and its rich cultural diversity, and goes out almost every night to revel in it. Her approach is from the point of view of an  'old-school' blogger: all text, no pictures, just personal stories of the world around her. What keeps me going back to her site are the occasional side-trips into her personal life, where she really explores the human condition.  

Where Have You Been?, her most recent effort, is a triple narrative: a social event and the food and drink which it entails, the wedding of a young couple and Karen’s look back at her own somewhat melancholy history. The writing, which includes poetry from Karen and her previous significant other, is stunning. I haven’t read many short stories that can surpass this.

Note: Image is Karen’s avatar, I can’t vouch for the veracity of those legs being hers, but I wouldn’t doubt it.

By Professor Batty


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