Monday, June 19, 2017

A Woman With(out) a Man

Auður prepares to meet the masses, Reykjavík, October 2015

Please don't tell, no-no-no
Don't say that I told you so
I just heard a rumor from a friend
I don't say that it's true
I'll just leave that up to you
If you don't believe I'll understand
You recall a girl that's been in nearly every song
This is what I heard, of course the story could be wrong
She's the one, I've been told
Now, she's wearing a band of gold
Peggy Sue got married not long ago ~ Buddy Holly
13 years ago I began to read the blog of a young woman who had some "issues" with men. We corresponded and actually met once way back when. She described herself as a "Woman Without a Man" , a callow youth, but no longer. Over the years I've watched from afar as she matured and have seen her personality grow, along with a new vocation: personally welcoming thousands of people who visit her magical isle.

“Audi” got married last week.  I’m sending you her best wishes and hope that she and her husband have a long and happy life together.

Bless, Bless.

By Professor Batty


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