Wednesday, June 14, 2017


The other night, while on one of my evening rambles, a car-full of teens pulled up to me and asked if I was a “local.” They were looking for the old insane asylum. I gave them vague directions and asked if they were looking to make a “deposit.” They laughed, and then asked if there were any other haunted places in town that I knew of. I had a little chuckle myself at that question; the whole town is haunted—if you know where to look:

By Professor Batty


Blogger Shoshanah Lee Marohn said...

I feel like people are haunted, more than places. Are you haunted, Professor Batty?

In college, I had a ceratain roommate. Alice. Objects would fly across the room. My roommate would talk to the ghosts, yell at them. She was beautiful and strange. Weird things happened all the time. After eight months or so (an eternity when I was nineteen) we went our separate ways, and the haunting stopped. Of course, I did move to another room, but I had lived in two places with Alice, both of them haunted. Once I lived with a homophobic young woman who thought I was gay, a pragmatic woman who never spoke to me (on principle), all of the hauntings stopped. After that, forever, I have believed that poltergeists follow living people, not spirits.

The whole town is haunted, if you know whom to hang out with. Go ask Alice.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

Our town has ghost tours, but mostly of buildings. The old asylum holds the real ghosts. One of my old band-mates went in and they carried him out on a gurney.

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