Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Two For One

#1: Purchased from the Goodwill store, 99 cents. This small vase was stuck in with the usual Chinese junk:

What caught my eye was its abstract expressionist decoration. It just screamed “mid-century modern” but when I turned it over I was surprised to see that it was dated somewhat earlier:

So who was this “Roy Boe?” He certainly wasn’t the east coast sports team owner. I did manage to find this reference, which fits into the time period and has a local connection. Evidently he went on to a career in academia, with stints at the University of Minnesota, the University of Mississippi, and ending at Moorhead State in Minnesota. As for the value of this piece, maybe 99 cents is just about right.

#2: Purchased from the Value Village store, 99 cents. An elegant triple bud vase with sensuous curves and an attractive glaze:

Turning it over, its provenance was instantly apparent:

I held a piece of genuine Van Briggle pottery. This business was founded in 1901 by Artus Van Briggle with his wife Anna taking over when he died (of TB) in 1904. Over the years it had several owners (retaining the Anna Van Briggle name) and was still operating in Colorado Springs, Colorado, up until 2012.

The early Van Briggle pieces are worth enough to inspire forgeries; this piece from the 1960s would be worth over $100 if it was perfect (it isn’t).

By Professor Batty


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