Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Doubleneck SG

Or… My Pink Guitar!

Another guitar with no real reason to exist, this demented double neck has all the pickups capable of operating at once. The two volume knobs control neck and bridge pickup pairs, while the single tone knob is the master for all pickups. The short neck is tuned A-A, while the long neck is standard E-E.

By tuning the standard neck to an open tuning, at high volumes the higher pitched chords on the small neck are complemented by various drones or other open chords on the long neck, or vice versa. Both necks and tuners are genuine made in Indonesia Fender, body is MIC (from Guitar Fetish), as are the pickups and other hardware. This originally had two standard necks, but this option is much more versatile. Heavy, but not ridiculously so. That said, it might be better to sit down when playing this.

Lots of barely-controllable fun. Might be a good axe for conjoined twins or erotic duets with a sympatico partner. The possibilities, while not  endless, are intriguing.

UPDATE: It now has two mini necks! Much easier to handle. One tuned standard, the other open tuning to the key of the song you are playing.

Sold in the great guitar purge of 2019.

By Professor Batty


Blogger jono said...

While I can see a use for it I would still prefer a 6 string/12 string combo. If I were to ever have one. There is a little arthritis creeping in now and I think I will not be likely to be in an acquiring mode any longer.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

I actually did just buy a 12-string kit, I'll see how that goes—with ONE neck.

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