Wednesday, September 09, 2020

I’ve Been Searching…

Over the last twenty years the various internet search engines I’ve used has changed, starting with AltaVista, going on to Dogpile, as well as others that were in common use before the behemoth Google became the de facto standard. One problem with using the “Big G” is that its algorithms tend to steer the results toward the least common denominator and the most heavily monetized. In addition, it is the most tracked engine (I use DuckDuckGo for anonymity.)

One work-around to this dilemma is The Blogspot Blog Search, a specialty search engine that only gives results from Blogspot blogs. The advantage of this approach is that Blogspot blogs are not usually commercially oriented. Often labors of love, written by people who are uniquely positioned to offer insights and knowledge.  I use it all the time, it is the closest in spirit to the legendary RUB from the early days of blogging. If you are interesting in some quirky subject, chances are good you will find it here, without all the commercial pollution of the Google search engine.

By Professor Batty


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