Monday, December 27, 2021

Mondays in Iceland -#135

Heading Home

I’ve ended all of my Iceland trips with a bittersweet ride on Highway 41 to the KEF airport.

For some reason it always seems to be rainy, or is that just the water in my eyes?
The aluminum processing plant at Straumsvík is a half-mile long, but seems longer:
It goes on and on, but I want it to be longer to prolong my stay:
The countryside is forbidding, lots of lava with a few industrial buildings:
And then I’m back at the airport, waiting for my flight home:

I thought this post would be a fitting farewell to this year’s Monday in Iceland series. I may get back to “the rock” someday, I still have credit from a ticket that was Covid-cancelled although now it’s only worth a one-way fare.

These posts always bring me to back to Iceland: my travels there, the Icelanders I’ve met online and in real-life, and all of the great culture I’ve been exposed to. My life is immeasurably richer for the experience, and the isolation caused by the continuing Covid pandemic makes these memories even more haunting.

By Professor Batty


Blogger jono said...

Another large industrial building that seems more friendly is Gunnar's Mayonnaise. In a land of unusual words those made me smile.

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