Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Where Does FITK Fit In the Categories of Media?

Rethinking Categories of Media by Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a curious denizen of the internet ocean. His postulations/affirmations/platitudes consistently confound me. As an attempt to get to a higher level of understanding, I thought I’d apply the maxims about media offered in one of his recent posts to Flippism is the Key:

It is found or it arrives.
Definitely found.
It is hosted many places or it has a single home.
There have been a few re-posts over the years, but not many.
It earns and delivers on permission, or it’s spam.
It changes over time or it’s static.
Changes three times a week!
It’s the work of an individual or the production of a community.
There have been a few other contributors but not now.
It’s valuable because of network effects, or in spite of them.
Network effects?
It produces energy and momentum, or it absorbs it.
Hopefully it sparks a few imaginations.
It’s scarce or it’s widely available.
Open to anyone who stumbles upon it. Scarce in the mainstream media.
It thrives on the long tail or only works if it’s a hit.
Definitely at the end of a verrrry long tail.
It dances with the early adopters or soothes the feelings of the late majority.
It’s truly live, or it benefits from time shifting.

Always time-shifted, sometimes weeks ahead.
It launches itself or it waits to be pressed.
A self-starter, definitely
It enhances productivity, or it reduces it.
Definitely a time-waster unless it resonates with the reader.
It is a catalyst for cultural change, or it feeds on cultural change.
Definitely a catalyst, not attuned to change.
It energizes and inspires, or it trolls with snark and irony.
No trolling or snarky-ness. Irony aplenty.
People share it because it benefits them, or someone has to hustle to make it spread.
A couple people have shared it, but it is never hustled.
It goes stale very quickly, or it becomes more relevant over time.
I’d like to think that it stands up over time.
It’s worth talking about, or it’s not.
The eye of the beholder!

I couldn’t make any conclusions from this exercise except that “… dancing wih the adopters…” is one of the oddest phrases I’ve ever read.

By Professor Batty


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