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Dialogue Appropo Of Nothing

A FITK re-post

Thursday, May 05, 2005

“… of course there can be no true monolog.”

“What? What of Hamlet's soliloquy?”

“A solitary actor, to be sure - but his lines shared with the audience, each in their own minds delivering a reply.”

“I disagree, surely there is the interior monolog we all have running, as a background to our lives… ”

“Our conscience? Jimminy Cricket, our guardian angel or perhaps a tempting dæmon, Goofus or Gallant? Are we not talking to God? Is God talking back?”

“What is the sound of one voice, yapping?”

“So it boils down to this. If there is an omnipotent force, all knowing, then everything is known, heard and interpreted.”

“Or not. Then it is nothing.”

“How many people live inside/outside of your head?”

“Real or imagined?”

“Does it make a difference?”

“There is a reality, and if you believe it an illusion, place your hand on the table and I will stab it with this ice-pick.”

“I get your point.”

“Point, set and match.”

“Violence never proves anything… OUCH!”

By Professor Batty

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Comica said…

Whenever I have little arguments with myself, it normally doesn’t end in violence, but this particular dialogue sure made me sit and ponder.

I was going to argue that if we talk to ourselves, that would be a true monologue. But no, we’re hearing ourselves, and what of the higher beings? Surely they would be an audience with attentive ears.

I guess it's true then. There is no such thing as privacy!

By Professor Batty


Blogger Professor Batty said...

Another curious encounter between "Comica" and the professor. Comica was a teen from semi-rural Virginia who was attending college in Richmond. A good example of the free-for-all exchange of ideas that was common in the early days of blogging.

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