Friday, November 25, 2022


On Hringbraut, across from the Cemetery, in a structure attached to a block of apartment flats, is a humble bakery.

Not an on-site bakery; it receives daily shipments of pastries and breads via truck. Near the University and the Radisson Blue Hotel, it is one of those corner shops that are common throughout the city. I can’t figure out their economics, but they seem to do all right. Most of them have survived the Covid crisis; people’s needs must be met. When I ate there in 2018, it was OK, and cheap enough—almost like a neighborhood diner, with coffee, sandwiches and, of course, baked goods. The picture above shows a glimpse of the bread in the center window, a reflection of the current street in the left two, and a photo of what I assume was an original location of the bakery reflected in the right.

A time-travel mirror?

Re: The Professor’s deafness

Saw an ENT specialist who confirmed that my ears were plugged-seriously plugged. He drained both, applied drops, and prescribed more as well as some Prednisone: Batty on steroids! My tubes are draining and my hearing is coming back, albeit slooowly.

By Professor Batty


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