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All things strange and common are the purview of Flippism is the Key.

Feel free to take your mental shoes off and rummage barefoot through the fertile fields of FLIPPIST THOUGHT. Posts may be satire, whimsy or fiction; please don’t take everything seriously—it is not scripture. All of the text, illustrations, and photographs are original copyrighted creations by “Professor Batty” unless they are  promotional (i.e., in a review) or otherwise credited. Comments are encouraged but spam and/or abuse will be deleted; FITK  is not an open forum. The search box will help you discover what “The Professor” might have to say about any subject which may captivate your interest; there are over eighteen years of posts! FITK publishes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (and occasionally at other times.) Click on images (August, 2016 or later) to make them full-sized.

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FITK contains FOUR complete serialized novels: Window Weather, The Martiarchy, The Inheritance, and The Reader. A memoir is currently being published every Monday. A link to these and various other fiction writing is found in the sidebar under Fiction.

Professor Batty's persona and the Flippism is the Key title was inspired by the Carl Barks comic Flip Decision originally published in Walt Disney Stories and Comics, #149. No endorsement or relationship to Disney Productions exists or is implied.

Recurring Guests:

Comica is a multifaceted writer in the Great Southern Tradition, a language scholar (yes, she has a degree!) and all-around free spirit. Active from 2004-2006.

ECS is an expatriate now living in Norway, re-posts here are from her Icelandic blog. Featured 2016.

Little Miss Loopy, is an Icelandic blog pioneer who was a direct inspiration for FITK. Active here 2004-2006.

RS is an internet educator residing in India, posting on FITK 2005-2007.

Sharon Spotbottom is all things to all things and nothing if she is anything. Featured 2008-2012, she appears on FITK from time to time.

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