Thursday, April 08, 2004

Fiction on FITK

There are five illustrated serial “books” on Flippism is the Key as well as numerous shorter pieces:

Search For A Dancer, a memoir, is currently being published in weekly installments.

Window Weather is a thriller concerning the adventures of Sean, a reluctant coder on his journey from Seattle to Iceland in a quest to reunite an estranged college roommate with his family.

The Matriarchy continues the story of Window Weather, but shifting its focus to Mary, Sean’s boss and partner, who is a computer genius and goddess reincarnate. The legacy of Emily, Sean’s maternal grandmother, complicates the plot.

The Inheritance is the further story of Sean and Mary, their daughter Mareka, and Jo, Mareka’s governess.

The Reader is an experimental novella consisting of story-within-a-story chapters, each contributing to the whole.

The Short Fiction page has links to the House Party installments, the Friday Fiction series, and to the mini-serial noir homage Desperately Seeking Sharon, inspired by Karen Heathwood’s stick-figure extraordinaire Sharon Spotbottom.

And for those with more esoteric tastes there is even a selection of FITK Poetry!

By Professor Batty


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