Thursday, April 08, 2004

Fiction on FITK!

There are four works of serial fiction on Flippism is the Key:

Window Weather is a “thriller” concerning the adventures of Sean, a reluctant coder on his journey from Seattle to Iceland in a quest to reunite an estranged college roommate with his family. Novella length.

The Matriarchy continues the story of Window Weather, but shifting its focus to Mary, Sean’s boss, who is a computer genius and goddess reincarnate, as well as the legacy of Emily, Sean’s maternal grandmother. Full length novel.

The Reader is an experimental novella consisting of story-within-story chapters, each contributing to the bigger whole.

Miscellany Fiction including a whimsical seven part “mini-serial” noir homage to Sharon Spotbottom, Karen Heathwood’s stick-figure extraordinaire.

Click on the links above to access the chapter index for each of these titles.

By Professor Batty