Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Short Fiction

Friday Fiction

Fade to Black
Astronauts: A Love Story
Speed Skater

All miscellany fiction ©2016-2018, Stephen Charles Cowdery


Desperately Seeking Sharon

A mini-serial about an existential quest for Sharon Spotbottom:

Part 1 “Sharon is Missing!
Part 2 “An Enigmatic Clue…
Part 3 “Stranded in the Jungle…
Part 4 “Visions of Sharon…
Part 5 “Meeting with Madam Tara
Part 6 “At Last!
Part 7 “Epilogue

Desperately Seeking Sharon ©2008 by Stephen Charles Cowdery.

Sharon Spotbottom character ©2006-2009 by Karen Heathwood, used by permission.

By Professor Batty


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