Thursday, June 19, 2008

Desperately Seeking Sharon, Part 6

At Last!

   "Are you sure this is the right address?" I asked the cabbie.

   "UN general assembly building, that's what the paper says, buddy."

   "That's BATTY, not buddy!"

   I paid my fare and went into the building. "Here goes nothing", I thought, "Madame Tara is probably laughing her head off." But the receptionist read Tara's note and summoned a page to show me where to go. He took me to a door marked "Gallery", and said "You must be quiet, for the assembly is in session."

   Imagine my surprise to see Sharon on the giant video screens! The chairman was introducing "The Representative from the Shire, Sharon Spotbottom." I finally saw where she sat among the delegates. She raised her hand and began to throw small green balls into the crowd! Pandemonium ensued, Sharon was wrestled to the floor and taken away.

   This photo was in the papers the next day, with the headline:

   "Spotbottom's Whirled Peas Plan Panics UN."

   Well, at least the Baron knows where she is now!

By Professor Batty


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